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Innovation. Safety. Security. Service.

From day one when a small group of seasoned engineers and entrepreneurs decided to launch the VAULTEK brand four years ago, the goal has been unwavering:

We must design and build the highest quality product providing true value to our customers and make a real contribution to the community. For our first product line, the VT20i and VT20, we spent month after month researching the safe market. 

We tested more than a dozen engineering and industrial designs before we settled on the one that best accommodated the quality, performance, styling, and cost that best represented our mission. We spent more than 9 months building, testing and refining prototypes before moving into a pilot production run.

We spent three months working with our manufacturing partner to carefully train workers, set up quality control plans at each step of the manufacturing process, and implement a production line that maintained high precision.

Un-Matched Convenience

Whether you are keeping a firearm at the ready in your home or are responsibly storing one in your car should you need to enter a gun-free zone, there truly is no  better option than Vaultek. Click the button below if you feel it is time to add such excellence to your lifestyle and find the right size for you.

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Vaultek Pro VTi


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Vaultek's largest and most advanced of the VT Series Smart Safes with Smart Align Biometric Scanner.


Vaultek VT20i


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Vaultek's mid-size smart safe complete with biometric scanner, enough room to easily accommodate two firearms, and Bluetooth. 


Vaultek VT10i


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Vaultek's sub-compact smart travel safe complete with biometric scanner,  lit interior, Bluetooth, and more.