So, I have used many different brands of ammunition over the years; Federal, Winchester, CCI Blazer, and many others. But, in all these years, I never had tried Fiocchi ammunition (dramatic pause)… until now. Holy cow, I had no idea what I had been missing all of these years.

I picked up a case of 9mm about a month ago, but never opened it until I had a student that needed to rent a gun and purchase ammo to go along with it. I only gave her the Fiocchi ammo. We went through 100 rounds that day. When it came time to clean that pistol, I was shocked to see how clean it still was. I almost felt like I could have gotten away with not even cleaning it at all.

A week later, I ran a couple hundred rounds through my Sig P320. It shoots beautifully. Cycled like a dream. Consistently reliable ammunition. Next, it was cleaning time. Once again, the Sig was ridiculously clean for having just run through a couple hundred rounds. I have never seen anything quite like this before.

Is Fiocchi ammunition the cleanest ammunition? I think so. I am so pleased I decided to buy that initial case. I can confidently tell you I will only be buying Fiocchi ammunition going forward.

What are your thoughts?

-Be Safe

Joe Shahoud

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