Dry-Fire Practice

Dry-fire practice the safest way possible and enable your pistol to function normally at the same time.

 Any firearms instructor worth his weight in salt will emphasize the importance of safe dry-fire practice. The benefits are practically immeasurable. Dry-fire practice allows you to work on maintaining your site alignment while working the trigger; furthermore, it allows you to work on reloads, drawing from the holster, target acquisition, grip acquisition from the draw, and more. And, the best part is, it doesn’t cost anything.

Anyone that has worked the action with an unloaded pistol knows the gun behaves differently than when it is loaded. The slide locks back, etc.

Also, there is no way to visually tell that the gun is unloaded… until now.

Welcome to BarrelBlok


BarrelBlok is the device all of my students see in my semi-automatic firearms in class. It is also what I use religiously at home while dry-fire training.

BarrelBlok was designed for use in semi-automatic pistols so the user could realistically train while maintaining the full mechanical functionality of the firearm. When combined with the included MagBlok, the firearm functions just like it has a loaded magazine. There’s a whole list of benefits that BarrelBlok provides.

BarrelBlok Insert
  • Train with your actual firearm, not a dummy pistol
  • Users can safely practice dry-firing and multiple other training drills
  • Firearm and all controls can be fully manipulated
  • Firearm can be holstered with BarrelBlok inserted
  • Firearm cannot chamber a round with BarrelBlok installed
  • Visually indicates the firearm is safe
  • Can be trimmed to desired holster draw height
  • Simply insert and train, no disassembly or tools required
  • PLUS its dirt cheap

I have been providing a lot of personal training lately where my students have been seeing me using this great device. Since I believed in it so much, I figured it might be a great thing to write about, so here you are. You can learn much more about BarrelBlok on the website. Just go to the Shop.

Considering its cost, at only $12.99, I’d get one for all the pistols you carry and train with. They come in all the different calibers. It’s really a no-brainer.

Be safe,

Joe Shahoud

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Joe Shahoud is the owner and lead instructor at Safe Family Defense LLC, a firearms training academy that serves the greater Columbia, SC area specializing in pistol, concealed weapons permits, and general education in personal safety. 

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