Complete Home Defense DVD Boxed Set


This is a video course (available via online streaming OR DVD) that will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and tactics to prepare for and win a fight inside your own home.

In total, this training program runs over 8 hours long and is designed to comprehensively touch on every factor relating to strong home defense. The Course is Broken Into 3 Unique Sections (or DVDs)



You May Never Learn This From Your Range or Instructor

Even though your home is recognized industry-wide as the place where you are most likely to use your firearm in self-defense; it remains an environment that presents challenges that are difficult to train and prepare for. Local gun ranges and destination firearm training academies rarely have any home defense-related courses since the environment is hard to build and train in with live fire ammunition.

Even if you do find a course there is the expense of paying for you, your spouse, and other adults in your family to attend, and the challenge in remembering all the content well enough to come home and put it into action in your own home. While this course can never replace live in-person training; it does allow you to take your time, rewind and review material, and view it with every adult member of your household at no extra cost!


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