If you are looking for excellence in a tactical flashlight, you’ll want to read this.

So, I had to fly to Norfolk for some business last week. I endured the typical TSA chaos that ensues when going through the TSA checkpoint. Shoes off, laptops out, you know the drill. An hour later I am sitting in seat 23a aboard my flight when I realize I am missing my tactical flashlight. I was furious. Replaying the TSA check in my head, I realized none of the bins I put my stuff in had my tactical flashlight coming out of the X-ray machine; someone one helped themself to it amid the chaos and I didn’t notice it. 

I had seen the latest release of Olight’s M2R Pro Warrior tactical flashlight last year. I noted how attractive and feature-rich it was, but decide to table the idea of replacing my Fenix PD32, which was working just fine for me and is an excellent choice in itself. Well, obviously, it was time to revisit the idea of picking up Olight’s new offering.

Even though I was super impressed with it when I saw it last year, I still had to do my homework to rule out all the other options out there. I quickly settled back on the Olight M2R Pro. This thing addresses everything I think every other tactical flashlight falls short on. I wanted my light to have the typical tail switch that most have in addition to the side button used for selecting of other modes. But, I wanted my tail switch to be more feature-rich. I wanted a light that could be set to a mode that would allow the tail switch to default to the Turbo setting when pressed. Now, if this tail switch could also be dual functioned to also enable the Strobe mode, we’d be golden. The Olight M2r Pro Warrior has this very mode among others. I was simply delighted. 

It does have some other fantastic features as well. This thing packs a whopping 1800 Lumens! The bezel is aggressively crenelated for use as a defensive tool. It also utilizes a rechargeable battery vs. the Fenix PD32, which uses CR123 batteries. Some folks see this as a drawback because the battery is proprietary to Olight. I don’t see this as a very big deal considering batteries can start to add up after a while and, to be honest, I don’t see the $22.00 price tag for a replacement Olight 21700 battery as a very big deal.

I could go on and on, but you can learn more about this excellent EDC tool for yourself at Olight. There are also some excellent and very scientific reviews out there on YouTube. 
Check it out!

Be safe,
Joe Shahoud

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