Preventing Door Kick-Ins

Preventing Door Kick-Ins With Door Security Hardware. Your front door can be kicked in in seconds if you don’t have the right door security hardware installed.

 The front door is the most common point of entry home invaders use. Most times they will knock first to see if anyone is home. If no one answers, they typically kick it in. It only takes them seconds because there is less than an inch of wood in the door frame where the deadbolt is. It doesn’t take much force to bust through that thin piece of wood.

Before I go on, did you catch what I also said in the previous paragraph? I said they knock first to see if someone is home. Please never think just ignoring the door is a good idea. It very well could have the opposite result of what you intended; therefore, indicate you are not interested from behind your closed door.

Door Security Hardware

Door Reinforcement Hardware

There are various door hardware options you can install to substantially increase the security of your door and prevent it from being kicked in.

Your best bet is to install a steel or brass dual strike plate to reinforce the door frame around the door latch and deadbolt. This is one option found on Amazon and is seen to the right.

Door Kick-In Prevention

Another thing you can do in addition to the strike plate is install door reinforcement hardware to strengthen the door around the deadbolt. Here is an option for something like this at Home Depot.

You can also see what it looks like without reinforcement here.

Door Kick-In

Both options are dirt cheap, we’re talking less than $30 total. Together they give an additional level of security you really can’t beat.

Home Invasion Facts

Here are some other home invasion facts that may surprise you.

  • Burglaries happen to renters more often than homeowners.
  • Rural states and rural areas have higher burglary rates than urban areas.
  • Burglary is more common in the summer months due to people taking vacations.
  • The average loss from a burglary is $2799.
  • There are more than 3,300 home invasions or burglaries happening every single day in the US.
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