H.R.5717/S.3254 – The Worst Gun Control Ever

If you are a gun owner in the USA, this will rock your world. Gun rights in this country are about to change in ways you never imagined. H.R.5717 and S.3254 are the worst gun control we've seen. In short, if you have firearms or have thought about getting a firearm for self defense, it [...]

Safe Dry-Fire Practice

Dry-fire practice the safest way possible and enable your pistol to function normally at the same time. Any firearms instructor worth his weight in salt will emphasize the importance of safe dry-fire practice. The benefits are practically immeasurable. Dry-fire practice allows you to work on maintaining your site alignment while working the trigger; furthermore, it allows [...]

First Time Gun Ownership

Being a first time gun owner for defense purposes can be a bit daunting for some. Read on for a brief idea on what to do next. Covid-19 has caused a surge in gun sales for the simple purpose of self defense. We have experienced a significant increase in calls from new gun owners looking for [...]

Preventing Door Kick-Ins

Preventing Door Kick-Ins With Door Security Hardware. Your front door can be kicked in in seconds if you don't have the right door security hardware installed.  The front door is the most common point of entry home invaders use. Most times they will knock first to see if anyone is home. If no one answers [...]

Home Defense Rifle Safes

So, your home defense firearm of choice is a rifle. Hopefully, you have found a method to secure it that allows for immediate access should you find yourself a victim of a home invasion. Handgun storage options that allow for instant access for home defense are quite plentiful. They are also pretty easy to find room [...]

Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Gun sales are up by 80% when compared to March of last year. But the big question is, do all these people have adequate legal coverage should they ever have to use their gun in self defense? In my professional experience, people by the hundreds take all the necessary steps to equip themselves with the tools [...]

Gun Cleaning Accidents

Gun cleaning accidents are tragic and 100% avoidable, yet year after year, negligence and carelessness result in people shooting themselves or others unintentionally.  There is a section of my CWP class where I go into what the two causes of gun accidents are. Yes, all of the accidents that happen with guns are due to [...]

Vehicle Theft Prevention

In the last month, there have been 177 vehicle thefts in the Greater Columbia, SC area - 177! So, what can we do to prevent our vehicles from being stolen? Numbers as high as 177 cars and trucks stolen in just a 30 day period are hard to believe. Granted, this number is down by over [...]

The Shooting Stats They Don’t Want You To See

The Media and The Establishment continue to push gun control with statistics that are very dishonest. Read on if you're interested in the inconvenient truth. Back in 2016, a gentleman named Thomas Austin took the time to put together some very eye opening statistics about gun deaths. This is the truth they don't want you [...]